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Qigong is offered over Zoom only.  
To receive the link contact Elaine Boel at


     Qigong is the alignment of breath, movement, and intention to awaken, heal, and strengthen both the physical, the emotional, and the energetic body. It is an ancient practice, dating back 4,000 to 7,000 years and it is part of Chinese Traditional Medicine (CTM). Its manifold forms include exercise, recreation, preventative medicine, self-healing, self-cultivation, meditation, and the martial arts.


     While we may occasionally dip into the martial side of Qigong, our primary emphasis will be on the cultivation of energy through relaxation. Instead of pushing ourselves to stretch farther or exercise harder, we will be learning to relax and breathe into each moment. As we tone our bodies, tune up our emotions, and foster better balance, we will also learn strategies to cope with our individual health challenges. Overall, though, the aim of this class will be to increase our energy reserves, reduce stress, and have fun while doing it.


     Qigong, along with Tai Chi, have been deemed the best exercise routines to prevent falls in seniors. With time, we’ll learn how to release our unhealthy attachments and habits, how to calm ourselves by employing the breath, and, ultimately, how to heal ourselves by cutting anxiety out of our lives. As Rick Hansen says, “Can you relax a little more?” Usually, we can. And we will. 

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