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Upcoming Events

Join Englewood Christian Church as we seek to deepen our love for God and live out our faith in our everyday lives. We have a range of upcoming events that will help you get involved and build stronger relationships with God and other members of our community. For more information about our upcoming events,  call our office, 509-966-6550.

Maundy Thursday

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In the midst of Holy Week, you are invited to attend a service, including a meal, to remember the Last Supper occasion with Jesus and the disciples.


Steve Best, pastor of United Christian, will be leading the service, including communion. Members of United Christian will be joining us at Englewood Christian for the 6:00 pm event in our Fellowship Hall. Mark March 28 on your calendar to attend.


Sue Bennett will be preparing the meal and has already put out sign up sheets for you to help purchase items for the meal. Please check the list on the Welcome Center.

Silk Flower Arrangement Workshop

We are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming event, Silk Flower Arranging, which will take place on Saturday,

March 30th in the Fellowship Hall.

*Free workshop on techniques for arranging silk flowers. 

*We will provide the flowers.  

*The arrangements will be used to decorate the church for Easter. 

*You can photograph your arrangements but not take them home.

*Please bring a large vase.  

*Please bring an item for a Pot-Luck to accompany soup.

 We hope to see you there!


Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt. We will be having an Easter Egg hunt at noon on Easter Sunday at Englewood Christian Church.  All children are welcome! 

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