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Hiking Adventures

Hiking with Herb

Every Monday, Herb Schmidt takes the lead in guiding a group on invigorating hikes through diverse terrains. These outings may involve traversing hilly landscapes or exploring a multitude of different trails, providing an exciting change of scenery each week.


When winter arrives, the group doesn't retreat indoors. Instead, they swap their hiking boots for snowshoes and transform the frosty landscape into their playground, adding a delightful twist to their regular outdoor activities.


The snowshoeing adventures during the winter months offer an exciting way to stay active and enjoy the beauty of nature, even in the chilliest weather.

Water Works Canyon Trail.

Six of the hiking team went to the Water Works Canyon trail on May 6th.  The trail is located about 3 miles beyond the city of Naches on hwy 410.  It was a real joy to hike together with friends.  Along the way, there were big horned sheep on the ridge.  Flowers were in various stages of bloom during the month of May.  The freshness of the day, broken clouds, and light wind gave us joy to be alive.  Hiking is a gift that helps you appreciate our natural environment.  We hiked 4.5 miles, and reached about 1000 vertical feet.  

Seize & find joy in every day!
*We meet again on May 13rh  at the YMCA parking lot.

Katherine Creek Hike

      In life, we have many choices, some with exuberance, others not so much.  On April 28th, my wife & I drove to Hood River, OR and met with our friends, Syndie & Chuck.  We proceeded then to go for gourmet  pizza at Solstice pizza place, the best pizza place EVER!  I can still smell & taste it!  The evening was filled with friendship & trail stories. 
     Early on Monday morning, I met with seven members of the hiking team at the Catherine Creek trail head.  This is one of the many trails in the Columbia Gorge.  We hiked 4.5 miles, in a few sprinkles of rain & sun.  The agenda for the day was rainbows, flowers, & soft breezes.  We had taken an opportunity & succeeded! 
     Much of life is one of choice & opportunities.  Enjoy the present, but have a vision for what could come next.  Join us! ~ Herb

Next hike is Mon., May 6th.  We'll meet at 8am at the YMCA parking lot, as usual.

Little Bald Trail

Hiking with Herb!
The Hanford Reach

A Wish

     Things don't always turn out the way you wish. However what more could you wish for when you have good friends, a sunny day, and cool breezes for a hike.
     Monday, April 22nd was a fabulous day. The "Hanford Reach" is a place of several choices. We chose to hike near the Columbia River over several hilltops and back up the road for a total of 5 miles. The five of us could not wish for a better adventure! What is your wish?  ~ Herb
     If you would like to hike with Herb, contact him on his cell.

     (509) 517-8881.

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