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Rosie Saldana  

     Growing up as fourth generation Mexican American “Chicana”, and having little to no cultural history or traditions, as an artist I use my artwork to find my own self-identity and not only embrace my cultural history but also celebrate it. My work for the past four years has included various aspects of art history. I also focus on the representation of myself as an artist through feministic attributes, and self-identity through a cultural heritage I am becoming more connected too.

I love to explore the many historical pieces I have learned about and try to find new ways to bring a different conversation to the table. My work references some art historical iconic paintings and I lean more towards styles of the Baroque era. Having the opportunity to engulf myself with the history of art. I had realized the missing presence of female artist, and people of color in the evolving timeline through art history. Majority of my paintings have a strong female presence and reflect my cultural background.


     Rosie Alexis Saldana currently resides in Yakima Washington and graduated with her Bachelor’s in visual arts from Heritage University in 2017. Rosie is currently employed with Tieton Arts and Humanities. While being with this organization she has gained a new love for gallery exhibition work and Museum curation. Rosie is currently enrolled at Johns Hopkins University for there MA in Museum Studies Program.   

     Throughout her life she had always been an aspiring artist. Rosie has a strong bond with her family and receives most of her inspiration from them. Her culture plays a big role in her artwork as well. Rosie grew up as fourth generation Mexican American “Chicana”. As an artist, Rosie uses her artwork to find her own self-identity and embrace her cultural history. Her work has been featured and collected through Washington State, including Boxx Gallery, Collaboration Coffee, Mighty Tieton, Neighborhood Health, Projects with the Yakima Arts Commission, and more. If you would like to learn and see more of Rosie’s artwork you can find more information on her Instagram @artbyrosiesaldana or email

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