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Carolyn Hamilton

      Carolyn Hamilton was raised in Wapato and has always had a love of movement and music. She moved to NYC as a young adult where acting and dancing became her focus.  She lived in multiple citied but settled down in Cairo, Egypt where she spent 13 years working as a successful dancer and actress.  While in Egypt, Carolyn founded a yearly arts festival that focused on dance, live music, and culture.  The festival ran for 8 years in 5 different locations around Egypt. She also produced 6 albums of Arabic music as well as taught dance in 35 countries. 

     Carolyn returned to the Yakima Valley and began to work with children in the public schools in Wapato before coming to Englewood Christian Church. For the last six years, Carolyn has been the director of youth programs at Englewood Christian Church including After School Arts, a free art program which brings local artists and art teachers to teach fine art to children.  Carolyn believes that art, music, and dance, while deeply expressive of our own identity, can be profound unifiers of our divisions as humans, be they religious, political, racial, or cultural.

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