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Carolyn Hamilton-Saidi
North African Folk Dance

Carolyn Hamilton has been a performer and teacher of Middle Eastern Dance for over 20 years.  Thirteen years of her career were spent in Cairo, Egypt where she became one of the top performers of regional dance in weddings, nightclubs, on television and in movies.  Her show included 20 musicians and 4 folklore dancers, with whom she presented authentic folklore as well as fusion and modern tableaux.  She has performed throughout the Middle East and has taught in 35 different countries around the world.  She is the founder of Camp Negum, a live music and dance camp which ran for 8 years and was held in 5 different regions within Egypt, combining the local music and culture with master Egyptian teachers and Musicians.  Carolyn has also produced 6 best-selling CDs of Arab music.

Since returning to the states from Egypt, Carolyn continues to teach.  She performs in San Antonio with the National Arab Orchestra, with the George Lamam Ensemble at the Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp and was the only dancer invited to perform at the 20th Anniversary of the Arab Festival in the Seattle Center.

For the last four years, Carolyn has been the director of youth programs at Englewood Christian Church including After School Arts, a free art program which brings local artists and art teachers to teach fine art to children ages 7-14.  She also facilitates a dance/movement prayer group at Englewood.

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