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Guest Performers 
at Welcome Dinner

M.A.S.H is a dance group in the Yakima Valley from A.C Davis High School which specializes in learning and performing Kpop dances. As a group, they show their appreciation for the dance culture of Korean pop, make friends, and share a passion for dance.

Dancers aren't born, they're made through the blood, sweat, and tears they put into their efforts. In M.A.S.H, everyone has the potential to be a great dancer if they really want to be.


M.A.S.H started as a small group of dancers with big dreams in 2019 debuted at the 2020 Davis Follies. Now they are well known in the Yakima Valley for not only being the first Kpop dance team but also for having a positive environment for dancers to learn and grow. M.A.S.H. performs at school events, film dance covers, and competes in competitions. They foster raw talent to maturity with hard work, training, and a true love for performing. 

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