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Camille Wilson.HEIC
Camille Wilson

     La ora na, my name is Camille Wilson.  I was born in Papeete, Tahiti, with is part of the Polynesian region of the South Pacific.  Later, I moved to the Melanesian region and Noumea, Nouvelle Caledonie, became my home.  I am excited to teach our community about the significance of the Haka and how it is used in our culture for celebrations, grief, and praise. 

     The Haka is a traditional Maori dance involving facial expressions, tongue sticking, sharp hand and body movements, chants and loud slaps and stomps of your hands and feet.  The Haka has a rick history and its origins trace back to the Maori people’s war dances.  Still, the Haka has no limits as it is used as the ultimate form of expression and performed on various occasions.  Each movement tells a story and is part of the language that the South Pacific shares.  I look forward to meeting you and sharing about my culture.

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